Monday, December 04, 2006


Peanut is walking now. Actually, he has been walking for a while now and has gotten pretty good at it. Our friends K and H have a boy as well and he began walking a couple months before Peanut. He would fall and crash into things all the time. Every time we saw him he had bruises on his head or a cut lip. Peanut didn't crash. Sure he lands on his bottom a lot and the house sort of shudders in response, but no bruising.

Then this weekend happened. Apparently, while I was out Peanut crashed into the tub. There was a toy or cup or something in there he wanted and just fell in head first. He must have bit his lips because there are cuts on top and bottom lips. Daddy cleaned him up and soothed away his tears. When I can home the first thing I noticed was that Peanut had on a different shirt. I asked Husband about it and he said there was an accident. I imagined a poopie diaper, but it was the crash.

Then the next day as I was watching him while Husband was out we were again in the bathroom. He started to head to the tub and I ran over to him to head off another fall into the tub. I got there and we started to walk away only to fall over between the toilet and tub. He now has a tiny bruise on his head. He also crashed into a doorway, but that wasn't quite as exciting. Just a few tears and he was ok and on his way.

The kid is wild about moving around. He just does not sit still much. That's ok with me except it makes me much more tired. At least I get my exercise chasing after him.

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