Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Share and Share Alike

Peanut is so sweet. He has already learned to share. Unfortunately for me, he has shared Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. It all started last Wednesday when Peanut had a fever. That lasted a couple days and he was generally cranky and not eating or sleeping well. I took him to the doctor on Friday and she spotted HFM right away, though he had no spots on his hands or feet. He had Mouth Disease I guess. Anyway, she tells me that he is highly contagious to children under 5 and adults won't get it.

We cancel all our weekend plans. A wedding, a birthday party and a BBQ. We stay home and try to get the boy well. So he starts perking up by Saturday and things seem great. On Sunday we met my mom and sisters for dinner (since adults don't get it). By the time we got home I had a sore throat, fever, chills and body aches. My fever that night was 102.

So Monday I go to the doctor. I'm worried that whatever I have I could give to Peanut. The doctor says I don't have HFM I just have a virus. So Husband stays home with me on Tuesday to take care of Peanut and let me rest. THANKS BABY!

Now today I feel ok. I'm tired and my throat hurts a lot. Well, what's this? What are these little spots on my hands and feet? Hmmm. Back to the doctor. I have HFM disease. Lovely. The mouth lesions are painful, but the others don't bother me (yet). So much for adults not getting it. Did I mention that I tend to get everything? This should be interesting. Every time Peanut gets something I'll get it too. Wonderful.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's Later, Here's More

So I forgot about the babysitter story. We wanted someone to come a couple times a week to help me out. My plan was to use the time to either get things done or to just rest and relax a little. I've been a bit stressed out and needed some extra time for myself. So we tried to find someone and just couldn't come up with anything. A guy that husband works with said his daughter might be interested. OK cool. So he emails us and gives us her cell number and says "I'll tell her you'll call next week." Great.

So next week rolls around and I give the girl a call. I start with hi my name is and your dad must have mentioned I'd call, right? Wrong. At least that's what she said. So I was way thrown off. I felt awkward asking her questions about her job and references and all that when she had no clue I was calling. I asked if she was in fact interested in a babysitting job. "Sure." Ok. How many hours could you work? "Whatever." Ok. She works at another job all afternoon, so I asked could she come in the morning? "Sure."

The whole conversation went like that. Sure. Whatever. Ok. No details, no excitement at any of it. We hung up and left it sort of hanging. I thought maybe she would think about it for a day or two, but when I called back she was still sort of vague. I guess that's how girls are at 17. So she said she would come and watch Peanut so we set a trial week. She came the first day and I played in the room with them so he could get used to her without me just leaving.

They hit it off really well. He likes her just fine. She's been coming for two-three weeks now and I'm happy with it. She starts school next week so she'll be coming on different days and times. I'm just happy she still comes. So far I've just been doing things around the house while she is here. I've gotten quite a bit of the house clean. I rest a little too, but mostly work on little projects.

She's not at all what I pictured from the phone conversation. She is a really nice girl that seems to have things in order. I guess you can't judge someone by the vague responses you get over the phone.

31 Today, 10 Months Tomorrow

Wow. I've been a bit inactive haven't I? There hasn't been much I've felt like writing. Today I still have nothing to say, but I'm going to say it anyway.

Peanut got his third tooth on Sunday. It may be silly, but I'm so proud of him. It's another sign he's growing up like he is supposed to. He's crawling really well now and pull up on everything. He will take a few steps behind his hippo walking toy. Someone suggested he would be walking soon, but I think it will be closer to the one year mark. He still has some balance issues to work out.

Last night we read books and I put him in bed and he didn't make a peep. About ten minutes later he started to cry. It got pretty bad and he had crossed the point of no calming down so I went in and got him. He snuggled on my lap and fell asleep that way. I love that. I love to have him snuggle with me. I always put him down because I know it's important for him to sleep in his own bed, but I do enjoy the snuggles beforehand. One day he won't want to do that. He won't want to sit on my lap. He won't want me to hold him while I breath in his baby smell (the good one, not the poopy one). I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Ten months old tomorrow. Two months away from the big 1 year old. I can't believe it. He's not a baby anymore, he's turning into a little boy. Yes the other number is mine. I don't feel it. Of course I don't care much for birthdays in general so this one is no different. It's just a number.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sir Mix-A-Lot

Gah! It's August. I wasn't ready for this. Wasn't it just June? Peanut will be 1 year old (October) before I can blink again.

Peanut crawls on hands and knees now, but if he wants to go fast he usually flops onto his tummy to commando crawl.

I think the next batch of teeth are on the way. There is an awful lot of drool and his fingers are constantly in his mouth. He isn't 'playing' with toys as much as he is chewing on them.

He was a peach today. I woke up feeling yucky. He must have felt a bit yucky too because he was extra lovey and snuggly today. He played really well, took good naps and nursed well too. It was a good day.

Last weekend Peanut spent the night at his Aunt J's house while we had our party. He did fine there even though they don't really use their air conditioning. It was less hot than outside, but not really cool if you ask me. Anyway, I had to drop him off by myself and I actually cried a little when I left. That's never happened. Of course, I've always had husband with me so I guess that's the difference.

The party was fun, but I was tired by about 10:00 pm. We were all tired on Sunday, but seemed to have recovered ok (except I have some sort of cold or something). It was awesome to visit with Karaoke Diva and her husband. That was cool. Every time I see her I wish we lived closer together.

The babysitter comes tomorrow for the first time. Sure. Whatever. More on this later.

I'm tired.