Friday, December 22, 2006

Be of Good Cheer. If You Can.

Right. Something is making me ill. For the past several days I have had a metallic taste in my mouth. It can be covered by some food, but not all. Water seems to magnify it, while life savors cover it nicely. Anyway, this is leading to constant snacking to keep my mouth happy. I'm also feeling nauseous. This could be because of the yucky taste or totally separate. Either way, large parts of my day are spent eating and/or resting. No. I'm not pregnant in case anyone was curious.

So let's head for the holidays. Tonight we will have our Christmas with Peanut and Husband. Tomorrow we head to Missouri. Sunday we have Christmas with my family (say a little prayer we survive) and then leave Monday to go to Husbands Uncle's house to have a lunch with Husbands family. At some point we will go to my Father-In-Law's house and stay there a while. I think we'll spend some (a lot of ?) time visiting friends in that area. We have to be home by Saturday as we are having yet another Christmas with our friends. Then Sunday is when we are celebrating my nephews birthday. His birthday is actually the 28th, but no one will be around then so they moved it to New Year's Day. Splendid.

So Merry Christmas to all and be safe in your travels. May the New Year be prosperous and kind to you all.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Secret Spot

While I was away this weekend I bought husband a Christmas gift. When I got home I put it in a 'secret' spot to hide until I could wrap it later. Husband also bought me gifts while I was away. As I was unpacking, husband realized he left a bag from one of the stores in the living room. I hadn't really noticed it and only saw it was a pink bag. He had me close my eyes while he rushed to hide the bag.

So the next day I was wrapping gifts and went to get his present from its hiding spot. It was in a big box in the basement. I opened the box and there on top was the bag from VS that husband tried to hide. Directly under the bag was his gift still in it's bag. The funny thing is that he was in such a hurry to hide the bag he didn't look in the box, he just shoved it in. So now I know where one of my gifts came from, but I don't know what it is. And he only know where I hid his gift. Guess we'll have to find new hiding spots.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


What's a girl got to do to stop breaking out? I know it's because of stress mostly, but I'm not 13 anymore. What is up with this? I wash may face, I give it lotion and I make it pretty once in a while. What more does it want? Help!

I do not look as good in black & silver outfits as I do the tan & browns. Today I did grey sweater, jeans, tennis shoes that happen to match the purple in the sweater and it just wasn't rocking for me. Granted the jeans are a bit old, but they fit so they got picked. I did my makeup with pink and grey and no love there either. I guess it's true that you have colors that flatter and the brown family is it for me. I really like this sweater though. Don't get me wrong, I look nice, but not wow you know? I believe that clothes can make you feel certain ways and today I'm saying "I look nice, but a little off."

What kind of make up am I supposed to wear? Let's start with foundation. Liquid, powder, lotion or what? Nothing seems to give me the 'flawless' appearance that Cover Girl talks about. This sort of relates to the skin problems (see paragraph 1) so maybe if that was fixed then the make up wouldn't matter. I'm thinking of going to Sephora and throwing myself at the mercy of the clerks there. My fear is I'll either look like Tammy F. Baker or Death. I can be a bit on the pale side so I need a hint of color, but too much and I look like I'm playing in mothers makeup. Again. Help!

I need jeans. I HATE shopping for jeans. You must try them on because a size x in one brand is not a size x in another. I also hate paying $50 for jeans. Can't they make denim for like $25? Maybe I'm cheap, but it's just jeans. Any suggestions as to store, style, brand, make, model and gas mileage. Wait, not that last part, unless you know something I don't.

Spending money on myself is a problem too. I just don't do it. Sure I buy a book or magazine once in a while, but I don't just buy outfits. Price tends to be the biggest factor. I can find a pair of pants I like for $70. What happens when Peanut barfs on it? Uhhh, can you say stain? Dry clean or whatever, some things just don't come out.

I need something done to my hair. The color is ok, but the style is a little tired. It's just all one length and straight. I pull it into a pony tail and then it looks blah, boring. I don't want to cut it, but maybe some bangs. I don't know. To fix it it really needs to be washed, dried straight and then have the ends curled a bit. That looks great, but takes like an hour. Are there any products I should try? Once again (say it with me now). Help!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I'm tired. Went to the doctor. Got new medication. One side effect is insomnia. Great. I haven't slept through the night in three days. Almost feels like I have a newborn again except milk doesn't squirt out of me anymore.

On the up side some things are getting better. I'm just having a little trouble enjoying them while being sleepy. We'll see how things progress.

In other news I am thankful that we are fortunate enough to have a regular babysitter. It's a lot of money if you just sit and think about it (I don't!) but my sanity is worth it. Peanut is/was sick and me being sleepy I need the breaks from him. While he doesn't feel good though he does like to snuggle.

Not much else to report right now. Computer is having issues so you never know when it will up and reboot on you. Save. Save. Save.

I'll try to be more amusing next time.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Peanut is walking now. Actually, he has been walking for a while now and has gotten pretty good at it. Our friends K and H have a boy as well and he began walking a couple months before Peanut. He would fall and crash into things all the time. Every time we saw him he had bruises on his head or a cut lip. Peanut didn't crash. Sure he lands on his bottom a lot and the house sort of shudders in response, but no bruising.

Then this weekend happened. Apparently, while I was out Peanut crashed into the tub. There was a toy or cup or something in there he wanted and just fell in head first. He must have bit his lips because there are cuts on top and bottom lips. Daddy cleaned him up and soothed away his tears. When I can home the first thing I noticed was that Peanut had on a different shirt. I asked Husband about it and he said there was an accident. I imagined a poopie diaper, but it was the crash.

Then the next day as I was watching him while Husband was out we were again in the bathroom. He started to head to the tub and I ran over to him to head off another fall into the tub. I got there and we started to walk away only to fall over between the toilet and tub. He now has a tiny bruise on his head. He also crashed into a doorway, but that wasn't quite as exciting. Just a few tears and he was ok and on his way.

The kid is wild about moving around. He just does not sit still much. That's ok with me except it makes me much more tired. At least I get my exercise chasing after him.