Friday, December 22, 2006

Be of Good Cheer. If You Can.

Right. Something is making me ill. For the past several days I have had a metallic taste in my mouth. It can be covered by some food, but not all. Water seems to magnify it, while life savors cover it nicely. Anyway, this is leading to constant snacking to keep my mouth happy. I'm also feeling nauseous. This could be because of the yucky taste or totally separate. Either way, large parts of my day are spent eating and/or resting. No. I'm not pregnant in case anyone was curious.

So let's head for the holidays. Tonight we will have our Christmas with Peanut and Husband. Tomorrow we head to Missouri. Sunday we have Christmas with my family (say a little prayer we survive) and then leave Monday to go to Husbands Uncle's house to have a lunch with Husbands family. At some point we will go to my Father-In-Law's house and stay there a while. I think we'll spend some (a lot of ?) time visiting friends in that area. We have to be home by Saturday as we are having yet another Christmas with our friends. Then Sunday is when we are celebrating my nephews birthday. His birthday is actually the 28th, but no one will be around then so they moved it to New Year's Day. Splendid.

So Merry Christmas to all and be safe in your travels. May the New Year be prosperous and kind to you all.


KD said...

Your kid is freakin' adorable! And that puppy costume? I could just eat him up! So cute! Thanks for sending the pics!

Kevin said...

Try taking those zinc cold lozenges. They won't make the metallic taste go away, if fact it will be worse but at least you'll know where it's coming from!

Happy Holidays!