Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I'm tired. Went to the doctor. Got new medication. One side effect is insomnia. Great. I haven't slept through the night in three days. Almost feels like I have a newborn again except milk doesn't squirt out of me anymore.

On the up side some things are getting better. I'm just having a little trouble enjoying them while being sleepy. We'll see how things progress.

In other news I am thankful that we are fortunate enough to have a regular babysitter. It's a lot of money if you just sit and think about it (I don't!) but my sanity is worth it. Peanut is/was sick and me being sleepy I need the breaks from him. While he doesn't feel good though he does like to snuggle.

Not much else to report right now. Computer is having issues so you never know when it will up and reboot on you. Save. Save. Save.

I'll try to be more amusing next time.

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