Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Not a Chicken. I Can't Lay an Egg, Or Can I?

We have decided to start 'trying' for another baby. My plan is to get pregnant in July or August to have an April or May baby.

I started researching how to choose the gender. True, there isn't much you can do on your own, but there are theories. Many of the studies you read about are very small and seem a bit biased. Anyway, the theory is that the girls swim slower, but live longer and the boys swim fast and die fast. So you do the deed every or every other night for a week right after Auntie F leaves and then stop for a girl. For a boy you wait a week, then do the deed for as long as you want I guess.

This all boils down to knowing when you ovulate. I am not deemed worthy of this information. My family member comes and goes when she pleases and never asks what I would like. So I kind of guessed. I also bought some ovulation predictor tests. At this point it's been 10 days and no egg. Well, no LH surge anyway. So one of three things has happened.

1. I have not ovulated yet, though it's getting to be almost past a reasonable amount of time.
2. I did and there was no surge to detect.
3. Faulty tests.

Husband thinks I'm currently with child. Too early to test, but I don't feel it if I am. Of course I didn't know I was pregnant last time until Flo just never showed up. I didn't know until almost 7 weeks.

I guess we'll just wait and see what happens. Fun.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You Sell One, You Buy One

I don't want to jinx anything, but here goes. Please knock some wood before reading on.

We've sold our house and better still, we've bought a new one. There is still time for things to go wrong, but all in all it seems like a pretty done deal on both accounts.

The offer on our house was made on June 24th. We had an open house and a couple came and loved the house. By Wednesday it was all worked out. Now we're just waiting to close on it. Oh yah, and we still need to move out.

We bought our house on July 4th. I saw it the Monday before and took husband to look at it on the 4th. We both love it so we made an offer. Later that day the owners made a counter offer we accepted and now we're waiting on this one too.

Our new house is wonderful. I'm so excited about it. It is a huge step up from this one and this one isn't all that bad. The new yard is at least twice as big with trees in the back. It has a pretty nice deck too. The bedrooms are all upstairs as well as the laundry. It has a den in addition to the bedrooms so we don't have to give up a bedroom for our office. The basement is finished and is a walk-out. There is also a built in wet bar area. Perfect.

There are things I'd like to do to fix it up a bit, but we'll have to wait for time and money to do that. First things will be painting a little and decorating. We plan to be here while the kids go to school up to high school. Since Peanut is our only right now and he isn't even two yet, we plan to be here a while.

Even though it felt like our house was for sale forever, it wasn't all that bad. It went relatively fast for such a flooded market. We feel very lucky to have a buyer. I'm not sure I want to re-live this anytime soon, but it wasn't too bad.

So now we will be busy packing and saving all our money for the new house. I'm so excited!