Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's Later, Here's More

So I forgot about the babysitter story. We wanted someone to come a couple times a week to help me out. My plan was to use the time to either get things done or to just rest and relax a little. I've been a bit stressed out and needed some extra time for myself. So we tried to find someone and just couldn't come up with anything. A guy that husband works with said his daughter might be interested. OK cool. So he emails us and gives us her cell number and says "I'll tell her you'll call next week." Great.

So next week rolls around and I give the girl a call. I start with hi my name is and your dad must have mentioned I'd call, right? Wrong. At least that's what she said. So I was way thrown off. I felt awkward asking her questions about her job and references and all that when she had no clue I was calling. I asked if she was in fact interested in a babysitting job. "Sure." Ok. How many hours could you work? "Whatever." Ok. She works at another job all afternoon, so I asked could she come in the morning? "Sure."

The whole conversation went like that. Sure. Whatever. Ok. No details, no excitement at any of it. We hung up and left it sort of hanging. I thought maybe she would think about it for a day or two, but when I called back she was still sort of vague. I guess that's how girls are at 17. So she said she would come and watch Peanut so we set a trial week. She came the first day and I played in the room with them so he could get used to her without me just leaving.

They hit it off really well. He likes her just fine. She's been coming for two-three weeks now and I'm happy with it. She starts school next week so she'll be coming on different days and times. I'm just happy she still comes. So far I've just been doing things around the house while she is here. I've gotten quite a bit of the house clean. I rest a little too, but mostly work on little projects.

She's not at all what I pictured from the phone conversation. She is a really nice girl that seems to have things in order. I guess you can't judge someone by the vague responses you get over the phone.

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Paper_whore said...

Yeah, she sounded like a typical teenage girl. People don't raise their kids to be polite on the phone (or in person for that matter) anymore. Glad to hear she's working out so you can get some things accomplished (besides the accomplishment of raising a super cute kid!).

BTW, I mailed you that romper. Let me know if you don't get it by next week. :-)