Thursday, November 30, 2006

There is a Monster in my House

Why is it that I have fabulous ideas for posts and then when I sit down to write them I can't remember anything? Since the good stuff has been forgotten I'll tell you a story of the worst encounter I had in our basement bathroom.

I was pretty pregnant at the time, but can't remember the exact date. Maybe somewhere in month 8 I guess. Husband and I were in our television room in the basement watching TV or a movie and eating something. I spilled it on my shirt. Now usually I would have let it sit too long and become a permanent stain, but this time I went to wash it off. I think I liked the shirt so I wanted to keep it stain free. Anyway, I went into the bathroom and ran a washcloth under the sink. Then I started to rub away the stain. When I looked back into the sink there was the absolute biggest spider I've ever seen. I let out a scream and my toes curled under (a sign of true fear for me). Husband came running thinking it was something to do with the baby. As I was running away from it I mumbled something like "a spider, a spider, a spider go kill it."

Husband did not kill it right away. He took pictures and sort of captured it under a towel or cup for a while. It was huge. This wasn't a spider you could just step on and be done with it. He had to plan out how to kill and dispose of it. You had to poison this thing, get a crane to lift it out and dig a giant grave for it. Blech! It still creeps me out to think of it. I'm not that crazy about any bugs, but having a giant spider in my house really sent me over the top. I wanted to move.

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KD said...

*shudder* I have SEVERE arachniphobia and even the tiniest spider can freak me the heck out. I can definitely sympathize.