Tuesday, November 28, 2006

To Give is Better than...

On one hand I really like this time of year. Things look so beautiful with lights and greenery. I love just sitting and watching the tree lights twinkle. Wrapping gifts is my absolute favorite. I need to find a job where all I do is wrap gifts for money. That would be awesome.

On the other hand I don't care too much for having to find gifts for people I can't think of something for. It feels so fake to buy them something just so I can wrap it and hand it to them. Unless there is some emotion or meaning behind it, it feels fake. I'm trying this year to really think of the person and try to come up with something that fits them.

At Target today I managed to grab a few gifts. Mostly toys for the kids, but one or two adults are taken care of. I'm heading to the Mall tomorrow for some more shopping time. I'd like to have it all done in the next week. The stores all get SO crazy this time of year and it only gets worse as Christmas gets nearer.

My biggest trouble this year is what to get the husband. There are several things he would like, but most of the things I think of are pretty expensive and we're on a budget with only one income. Anyone have any suggestions? Again, the trouble is I want it to fit him. I don't want to give something just for the sake of handing him something. When he opens it I want him to be delighted to have gotten it from me. Maybe I should check Ebay. Because you know you can get it on Ebay.

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