Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oprah's On Rerun. Did You See It?

More teeth. At least I know the reason for the crankies. Peanut has been like a switch. Happy and 'on' one minute and a cranky 'off' beast the next.

I watched Oprah tonight. Her Dr. friend was on. I guess he has a new book out and was telling all about the 'new' diet. Anyway, at one point he was talking about a woman or a man at a certain age and weight being at as much health risk as having cancer. In other words if you had cancer wouldn't you fight it? Why not fight the bulge? This sort of turned a light on for me. I know eating right and exercising is the way to go, but I don't really do it. To put myself at the same risk as cancer and not do something about it is amazing. I'll still have a candy bar tomorrow. I'll still have a Pepsi at lunch. This does not stir me enough to not do it. Ahhh, but it got me thinking. Maybe it's a start. Who knows?

In other news...What do you buy for a four year olds birthday party? What do you buy if there are three of them? Toys? Clothes? I just don't know.

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