Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sugar and Spice, Snips and Snails

So much for posting every day. Doesn't feel like I've been gone that long though.

My sister and her husband went on a much needed vacation sans kids. Guess who watched them. Yup. From Wednesday to Sunday we adopted a 6 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. It's wasn't too bad. Aside from two gymnastic practices, a playdate, going out to eat, to the mall, putt putt golfing, and the park we weren't that busy. Yeah right. I was totally wiped out by Sunday night. When the parents came it was Heaven on Earth for me.

Something occurred to me though. I liked being a mom. I liked driving the van and taking the kids to gymnastics (the girl and the boy). I liked it. It felt right to me. This means that once Peanut is truly walking and talking I'll probably like this parenting thing a little more. I love him now and things are going pretty well, but it was so nice that the kids could talk and do things for themselves. In another few years that part of it will be easier. I know that with the joy of talking comes the joy of yelling as well.

Another thing that hit me was how much I want to have a little girl. I'm blessed and so happy to have Peanut, but I'd like a little girl too. The frills and ribbons and cute dresses are like candy to a 6 yr old to me. I want to comb hair and braid it and curl it and make her all cutesy. I may end up with another boy the next time around and that would be ok. My heart would love another child regardless of sex. But honestly I'd like it to be a girl.


Paper_whore said...

OK, if I ever manage to get knocked up and we have a girl, we'll trade you. ;-)

KD said...

Hey, did you explode from too much turkey? Where'd you go?