Monday, October 02, 2006

First Blood

We had a garage sale this weekend. Peanut did really well since we didn't have a babysitter. He mostly crawled around the garage and driveway playing with all the junk for sale. By day three he had holes in his socks and a terrible scrape on his big toe. It was all dirty and yucky so we gave him a bath hoping it would soften the dirt. It looked ok, but we would keep an eye on it.

This morning he was barefoot since it was much warmer and just crawling around on the carpet in the living room. I let him crawl up the stairs to the kitchen and when he crossed the bottom of the baby gate I saw a little red streak. There was also a little red in the carpet. I wondered what he had thrown up. He didn't eat anything red for breakfast. It was blood. I started to panic a little, but since he wasn't fussing I new it wasn't serious. I scooped him up and saw his toe bleeding pretty good. We went to the bathroom and ran it under some water. He liked splashing in the sink so that was helpful. It looked ok so I put a sock on him to keep it protected a little.

I'm not ready for all the bumps he is getting. I know the more they walk the more they fall, but geez he looks beat up.

BTW, the garage sale was a success. I'm amazed at the junk that people will buy. We sold a lot of big things, but still have some stuff left.

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