Saturday, September 23, 2006

Why You Cry?

The last couple nights Peanut has started crying about 15 minutes after we put him to bed. He goes down ok and is quiet for a while. Then you can hear the binky being hit on the crib. After he loses all his binkies he starts crying. Once in a while I go in and snuggle him for a minute and he is ok and goes back to being quiet. Last night I did this three times before I felt like a big sucker. He finally went to bed about an hour past bedtime.

Tonight we left him with the neighbors while we went out to dinner. He had a little catnap before actually being put into bed. Then since we were home he wanted to be up with us. I read him a few stories and snuggled him and put him down. All was fine for about 15 minutes and then the crying started. I went in to snuggle and check on him. After a minute or two of laying on me he started trying to move around and play. I gave him a couple kisses and put him in bed. Then the screaming began. We just left him. I guess only 10-15 minutes passed and now he is quiet again. Except that it's now and hour and a half past his bedtime.

It breaks my heart. I HATE letting him cry. Every fiber of my being wants to go get him and make it all better. Resisting is so hard. It is the right thing though. He needs to re-learn to put himself to sleep. The more times I go get him the more he thinks his crying is working. My nerves are shot though.


Paper_whore said...

I'm not a firm Ferberizer, but I do believe in letting them cry it out. You know the difference between an "I want attention" cry and a "Something is seriously wrong" cry.

Mutt said...

Yah, he only cries for a little while. There is a point where you can tell he's not going to settle down. Usually he coos for a while, then bangs the binkies on the crib, then cries a little, then he's out.

I'd never just leave him there and not go back no matter what.

dee said...

aww peanut seems to be having some bad days!!
well how long have you had your blog