Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mommy, I'm Sick.

My baby is sick.

Over the weekend we were at my sisters house for the family birthday party. On Saturday night two of her children were sick. Vomit sick. Then in the morning a third child was sick. I kept Peanut as far away from them as possible. I kept myself away too. You know, because we catch stuff so easy. Anyway, I thought we had come away unscathed. I guess not.

We also forgot the baby monitor. So until tonight we were trying to do without until the weekend when we can get it back. Screw that. Husband is out at Wally World right now buying a baby monitor, more sheets, mattress pads, and various medicines that probably won’t help any.

I cannot begin to tell you what it does to me (and probably Husband) to see my little boy sick. He was tired and covered in yuck and so helpless. We cleaned him and changed him and the bed and he seems to be going to sleep now, but I’ve got my ears glued to his room in case he needs me.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Peanut 10-17-05. What a great way to ring in your 1 year birthday.

More on the birthday festivities later.


Kevin said...

Who brings a bunch of vomiting, sick kids to a party, even (especially!) if it is relatives.

Mutt said...

Well, it was at her house and no one knew they were sick until around 11 pm when the first one got sick.

But, yah. Most of my family tends to overlook a sick child in favor of a fun gathering. Husband and I DO NOT roll this way. We've missed several birthday parties and even a couple Thanksgivings because we won't expose Peanut or ourselves to the sickness.

It's another thing to go somewhere and no one knows someone is sick until afterwards. I can understand that.

Paper_whore said...

Happy Birthday, Peanut! Sorry you got the sickies. I secretly enjoy it when Gavin's a little sick. He's so cuddly and lovey. I hate that he's miserable, but I love that all he wants to do is lay on Mommy. I don't get to enjoy that much these days and I know it will only get worse as he gets older.