Monday, April 28, 2008

Gross and Etc.

If your child says their leg is wet and they are not in a bath tub or swimming pool expect bad things to follow. Peanut had an odor about him so I was getting ready to change him. He walked over and said his leg was wet. I asked if he wet his pants and he said no. Instead, he pooped his pants. Lovely. Baths for all tonight.

Later we were playing with a wood giraffe toy. It has a hole in the nose so it hooks on to other animals to make a train. Peanut had been sticking his finger in the zebra nose and getting it stuck. Then he turns to me and says "I not pick giraffe nose". I replied that that was good advice.

Over the weekend he came up to me out of the blue and said "I have a nose. There are boogies in my nose." Anyone have a tissue?

This kid is crazy, but entertaining.

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No Minimom said...

LOL! Aren't boys fun?