Friday, April 04, 2008


Wednesday night I woke up around 12 or 12:30 feeling sick. I wanted to throw up and my belly hurt like crazy. Trying to find a comfortable position was impossible. Finally, I went to the couch and could get less uncomfortable. At 3 am I went back to bed hoping I could sleep a little. No such luck.

I was warned at the beginning of my pregnancy to not eat deli meat unless it had been cooked. There is a bacteria pregnant women can get. I had eaten a Turkey sandwich earlier and was worried I was getting sick from it. Turns out not to be the case.

Anyway, my plan was to call the OB once the office opened and beg them to give me something or tell me all was ok. By about 4:30am I couldn't take it anymore and didn't want to wait until the office opened at 9. Around 5 I finally threw up, not sure if this helped anything. I didn't really feel any better. We paged the doctor on call and he asked several questions. He suspected a bladder infection and suggested we head to hospital. We called family to watch Peanut and were on our way to hospital by 6 I think.

Turns out the pain in my belly was contractions. They were coming every 2-3 minutes apart, but I had a constant pain. They tested for UTI and checked me all over. We saw doctor around 8:30 or so and I was 1-2 cm dilated. So I was given IV, drugs to stop contractions, steroids to help baby lungs in case Thumper ended up being born. The pain went away after a couple hours, but I was still contracting too regularly. I've been on IV, antibiotics and contraction stopping medications ever since.

I'm fine. I stayed in hospital overnight and I'm hoping to go home today. We're waiting to see doctor. Oh yeah, and bonus I've been on a liquid diet just in case they can't stop contractions and I go into labor. Yum.

We had another ultrasound yesterday to check on Thumper. I'm at 33 weeks and 3 days today and baby measures 35 weeks and 2 days. In other words, big baby.

Dr. just breezed in, staying overnight again, but might go home tomorrow. Blah. I really want out of here.

Husband has business trip next week. My mom is coming to stay with me. That's great, but annoying too. I think I'll be fine, but really who knows.

Mostly, I miss my boy. He was in daycare all day Wed. and we ate together, but then I snuck off for some me time while Husband put him to bed. I haven't seen him since 7 on Wednesday. He is with Aunt J and having a good time.

Overall. I'm glad baby is ok. We still have some issues, but they are minor compared with birth at 7 weeks early. I miss my kid. I want to go home. I do get real food now though so that's something. Oh yah, and I can shower. My butt hurts like crazy from sitting on it for almost 48 hours. I'd love to walk around, but that's more labor inducing. Sitting still is the course of action.

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No Minimom said...

How scary! Glad everything is OK for the moment. Hope they send you home soon!

I don't know if this makes you feel any better, but my friend Mae had her baby at 32 weeks and she is perfectly healthy and developmentally normal. So if it does come down to delivering early, odds are that everything will be just fine.