Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Adventure Part II - Our Lives Are Not Dull

So my sister D and her five (5) children came to visit us on Saturday afternoon. The plan was for her and the kids to come to my house to play and visit, eat dinner at McD's so the kids could be wild monkeys at the play place. Then after dinner she would load up the lot of them and drive to the airport to pick up her husband J. He had been out of the country for the last month.

My other sister K came to visit for the weekend, arriving on Friday night. She is very handy and came to help me put up a wallpaper border and do some other little projects around the house.

My other, other sister J and her kids came to our house on Saturday afternoon to hang out and visit with all the other kids.

So all five adults and eight children load up into various vehicles and head out to see Ronald. We sit in the play area and have our lovely dinner. Then the kids start playing like the wild monkeys they are. We have about an hour before D needs to leave to get husband. She was telling a story and gesturing with her arms when her shoulder dislocated. We were concerned but not panicked as this has happened many, many times. Usually she can relax a bit and it goes right back in. This time was different somehow and we called 911 just to be safe.

As luck would have it the hospital was only about a mile away and they arrived quickly. The downside is they couldn't treat her on site. They had to load her up and take her away. So we sent my sister J with her. I drove our van home with two kids, K drove D's van home with four kids and my husband M drove J's truck home with two kids. Once at my house we sent M to fetch D's husband at the airport, but as luck would have it J's husband was working near there and managed to get him. So three adults managed to watch 8 kids.

Around 8pm we got all pajamas on and got them situated for bed. We let the older kids stay up a little later, but eventually put them to bed too. Needless to say everyone stayed the night even though that wasn't the plan.

D went through quite a bit, but thanks to medication doesn't remember much of it. It took three adults using some brutal force to get her arm back in place. She had an IV, some sort of conscious anesthesia (she was awake, but doesn't remember a thing) and a nausea drug. She made it home around midnight and went straight to bed. Her arm is in a sling until she sees a doctor at her home, which I guess is supposed to be today.

Not the plan we had for the weekend, but all in all it worked out. I'm very thankful everyone was here to help. Me being so pregnant I couldn't do much, but it all worked out. She has had this problem for many years and this time the doctor strongly suggested surgery. Though D is not a fan of it, she is all for it I think. After 20+ years of this happening I think she is finally tired of it. I only hope her husband and the kids take good care of her and let her relax a little.

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