Monday, June 12, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

I've been recalling things said by all my nieces and nephews (7 now) and wondering what cute things Peanut will say when he's a bit older. Here are some of my favorites.

Mother: Where should we go today?
Child: Toties an We. (Toys R Us)

Several Adults and one child waiting in traffic for no apparent reason while traveling out of town.
Adults: What's the hold up?
Child: Maybe a turtle is crossing the road. (It turned out to be a train we could not see)

Adult and child watching movie. Two adults in movie kiss.
Child: They love they chother.

Mother: Did you like your first day of school?
Child: Yes, I got a cookie. A long time ago, but not backwards frontwards, I will probably say 'I hate school' and I might even not remember my time in Kindergarten. But I really love school now.

Adult: That's a lovely dress you have on.
Child: Thank you, we bought it tomorrow.

Adults and child watching Toy Story for the first time on DVD. Child upset and crying when Buzz learns he cannot really fly.
Mother: Do you want to stop watching and turn it off?
Child sobbing: No, but this is the first time I'm watching this. (Meant, last time, but was totally truthful as it was the first time she saw it).

Ahhh. Children. I'm sure there are dozens more, but those are some of my favorites. We're a little way off for Peanut to start giving me material. As soon as he does though, you'll hear about it.

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PolesPosition said...

In line for a long time, waiting for someone to get done using the fax machine.

My buddy's child (loud enough for all around to hear): Daaaddd, That lady's taking a long time!


At Pizza Hut, standing in the booth pointing to the restaruant out the window.

Me (about 4, loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear): Fucky Fried Chicken!


At the grocery store, sitting in the shopping cart:

Me: Mom, go down that cove. (it was pretty clear I was a lake rat, using lake terms to describe the store isles.