Monday, June 26, 2006

Danger, Will Robinson

The baby proofing must get done ASAP. Today alone he climbed a couple stairs, splashed his hands in the toilet, opened bathroom drawers and climbed onto the fireplace. I was watching the whole time. The toilet incident is the only one I dropped the ball on.

I was cleaning the bathroom and of course Peanut was helping me. I had just put cleaner in the toilet and was washing the sink when he zipped by me on the floor. I figured he was all right since I had picked everything up. Next thing I look over and he has used the toilet to pull himself up on his knees and has one hand in the toilet bowl. Bleck! I scooped him up and washed him off with soap and water. I put him in his room and he crawled all the way back and tried to do it again.

He likes the stairs now too. We have junk living on some of them. I guess it’s time to find homes for all the stuff. It’s too attractive to him. He can pull up on one step and sort of stand up enough to get his knees onto the step. He would tumble down if no one was there to catch him, but he can make it up 3 or 4 steps without help, just a hand to keep him from falling.

Drawers are fun too. Did you know there is stuff in them? The one he gets too the most has my ponytail holders in it. I’ve got headbands, holders, clips and brushes in that drawer. He plucks them out and tosses them aside to grab another handful. Fun Stuff. So I guess we’ll start installing some of the door and drawer locks we bought.

This post is brought to you by the letter ‘D’. Peanut has learned to say ‘da’ as well as ‘ba’ now. Once in a while he does an ‘m’, but it’s more like ‘mmmmm’ and not ‘ma’. Oh well. His vocabulary is expanding.

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