Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Since Peanut was a baby we have ‘brushed’ his teeth every night. We take a damp washcloth and rub his gums. This is to get him used to having something in his mouth and to keep his gums clean.

For the last couple of weeks I have brushed his teeth with the washcloth and then felt around with my finger to see if his teeth are coming yet. Tonight during bath time I brushed his teeth as usual and then felt around with my finger. There is the tiniest of teeth poking through. I only feel it on his bottom left front tooth.

Hooray! My baby boy is growing a tooth. I’m so proud. I know this is a natural event, but gosh I really do feel proud of him. He has a lot of growing and learning to do this first year and so far he’s doing great.

I love you Peanut. Keep up the good work.

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Paper_whore said...

Gavin slept in the big boy bed for his nap today and it just about killed me. Why do they have to grow up?