Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cold, Dark and Lonely

I tried to start a moms night out club. Whine and Dine. Two of my friends joined in. The first night was last month and we went to dinner. It was fun and we sat talking for several hours. The second night was tonight and again we went to dinner with thoughts of a movie afterwards. We met at 6:30 and got a table right away. Dinner was good and we talked easily. Then at 8:00 they split. Both wanted to get home to put their kids to bed.

On one hand I understand. They both worked all day and haven’t really gotten to hang out with their kid(s). On the other hand I was really bummed. It was 8:00. Now I don’t stay up too late knowing I have to be up around 6:30am to feed peanut, but come on. The whole purpose of the night was for the moms to get a break. We were supposed to throw caution to the wind and have a good time without husbands or children. I walked to my car not knowing what to do. I sat there for a while trying to think of somewhere to go. All the movies didn’t start for another hour and I didn’t want to be out that late anyway. So I sat in my car in the restaurant parking lot and finished my book. Then I drove home. I was home a little after 9. Wahoo. Some rowdy evening I had hunh? The whole evening reminds me of my bachelorette party. No, really.

At the time I told The FiancĂ© I didn’t want to go to a strip club, but going out to dinner and whatever sounded nice. So I went with 4 other girls to The Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza for dinner. I don’t remember the time we started, but it was like 8:30 when we were done with dinner. We walked around the plaza for a little bit until the shops closed and then everyone split. No one mentioned going to a bar or even something lame like a movie. I was done with my last night of freedom at 9:00. I cried. True, I didn’t want to go to a strip club, but was there nothing else to be done. I was so sad that the people I was with didn’t plan some sort of last hurrah for me.

I could go on about no close friends and even though The Husband is my best friend I don’t have a girl best friend and that makes me sad. I wanted a night out. I wanted someone I knew to be with me. I wanted it to be fun, relaxing and to burn off any negative baby feelings. This was supposed to recharge me to finish out the week happy and carefree with Peanut. Now I’m bummed and don’t know what to do. I need some friends. How do you make friends at this age?


Paper_whore said...

You move to St. Louis. ;-)

Kevin said...

Have you tried for groups and does the local city center have daytime playgroups? Those are other place to start meeting other parents in your situation. I know the isolation you feel having no one to talk to all day but a baby. I don't know how people did it before the internet, I guess that's why everyone was so interested in the mailman and repairman.

Kevin said...

On second thought, don't worry about the other people. Just go out with your son and enjoy the park or the mall or whatever you want. There will be plenty of times to find other people to annoy you to death.

This will probably be the only time in your childs life that you are the coolest person in the world so take advantage of it and do what YOU want to do before he learns to say "this sucks"