Monday, November 09, 2009

Age to Age

I saw a cute kid tonight. I asked the lady holding him how old he was. She sort of stared at me a minute then said "he was born in June". OK. The lady seemed to be some sort of grandmother. I am not sure if it was his or not, but he seemed good with her holding him. I guess the pause and stare was to give her time to figure his age. She couldn't do it so she said June. That makes the kid 4 or 5 months old depending on when he was born in June. The kid was huge. Sitting up. Looking at me like he wanted a sandwich. I'm not sure she was right about the month. Maybe mammy got confused. Oh well.

My mother gets my birthday wrong. All my life it's been the 16th, but she'll call on the 15th or 17th to wish me happy birthday and then is surprised when I say she is early or late. Something you want to tell me?

Anytime someone asks the birth date of my kids I have to stop and think. I always want to give the current year as the birth year. I forget how fast time flies.

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