Thursday, November 12, 2009

Very Much Like Monica

So I am getting panicky about the event this weekend. Everything will be OK, because I am good in these situations. I plan, I prepare and things turn out fine. I invited several people and have not heard back from several of those several people. I know they are coming, but it really irks me they have not at least mentioned they are coming. You with me?

A while ago a friend of mine asked me if I was a perfectionist. Have I told this story? Anyway, I did not think it was true, but it is in some ways. One of those ways is if I plan an event I have a mental movie image of how things should look and play out. The reality won't happen that way. That is OK. It's just hard to be loose and relaxed about it. I mean, we could just order a dozen pizza and some beer from the local market and be fine. That isn't what I wanted though. That isn't the look and feel I want to pull off. If I had my way, the house would be renovated first, but the line must be drawn somewhere.

Tomorrow is preparation day. I will be cleaning, planning and preparing. I'm tired now and I will be more tired on Saturday evening about 8:00 pm.

*Yes, Monica from Friends.

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