Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy MBA

The event for today went well. We have tons of food and will be eating lunch meat for the rest of our lives. Oh well. I'll put it in the freezer. The cake turned out good too. Homemade chocolate cake. Yum! Lots of people came and hung out with Husband. He had a great time.

On a side note...If you have a couple of 4 year olds playing downstairs with no one but a 9 year old to watch, trouble is coming. It was really quiet and the 9 year old came up to ask if they should be getting wet. We found the bathroom flooded. The whole story has not yet spilled out, but my theory is they plugged the sink and kept the water going. Instead of pulling the plug they just splashed the water everywhere. All the walls are soaked, the floor and some seeped out to the next room. Lucky for them it is a tile floor. Also, it was in the basement so it's not too big a deal. Oh well. I can't believe the older child didn't know that was a bad idea. Oh well.

Next project is to find a job.

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