Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On My Mind

Wow. Unused blog much?

So, here are my thoughts in no specific order.

I want to be healthier and I am working on it slowly. We will see how it goes. So far the working out is OK. The eating out is ridiculous. I need to plan and prep some meals.

Vacation needs to happen to me soon. I don't really mind where, but it must be relaxing. Our anniversary is coming soon and we are thinking of a long weekend trip somewhere. Maybe St. Louis or Branson or somewhere relatively close.

Our bathroom needs to be repaired. We now have the money and it's a matter of finding someone to do it. We are not 100% certain what we'll do so we need someone flexible.

My kids need a schedule. They also need some discipline. They are both getting into trouble at school for being too aggressive. The brothers beat on each other and laugh at home. It's not so funny at school. I think if we have some set rules on what happens when you misbehave we'll get it taken care of. I'm going to make a schedule so we have activities planned on days they are home. They get bored and start wrestling to entertain themselves.

Our friends want to go to the pool this weekend. I am in no way ready for a swimsuit. Why don't I start preparing for this in October? I am chubby and pasty white. Ugh.

I kind of want another baby. Our situation is not a good one to have another baby. We are struggling with the two we have, not to mention the family 'relations' aren't really happening either. I wish things were running more smoothly here so this was a more viable option.

I'm helping my sister work on her rental houses. She says she'll pay me. Husband says not to take money from her. I work most of the day there and run home to get kids and get dinner, and all the evening stuff going. There is really no time for things to get done at home. I'm thinking I either need to not help as much or get paid. I can't keep up with laundry and I keep forgetting things since I'm not home as much.

I really want to go on a shopping trip. I need some new clothes. I would like to be in better shape first though. I don't need to be stick thin, but a little less jiggle would be nice. Again, I'm working on it.

Easter is coming. Good Friday then Easter. Do you know the story?

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