Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More to Come

We had the baby on 5-30. Boy. Over 9 lbs, 21 inches long.

We've been home adjusting and getting used to things. Everyone is doing great.

I have lots of things to post and only one hand to type with.

For the sake of remembering what to post here are the topics I want to type about:

1. The birth story
2. Peanuts reaction to a new baby
3. My mother (lots of things here, but I'll remember as I go)
4. The differences in the first child vs. the second

Will I ever sleep again? Thumper has been sleeping pretty well for an almost 2 week old. Last night he went 6 hours between feedings. I'd guess he slept about 4 or so hours.

He's a good eater and a decent sleeper. The only trouble we have is burping him. He doesn't seem to want to let them out. It takes up to a couple hours to get them all out. Today he's been doing better at it.

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rudecactus said...

Congratulations on the new addition!!