Thursday, October 04, 2012


So...I'm on day six of eating healthy.  I don't feel better.  I guess I don't feel worse either, but for sure no better.  Am I dreaming?  Would it only take 6 days of no sugar, soda, bread, milk and whatever else to feel better? 

This afternoon I went for a walk and then had to take a 45 minute nap.  Is that normal?  Surely I should be able to stand on my feet for an hour without sleeping like a hibernating bear.

More protein?  More water?  More what? 

We are leaving for a vacation in 9 days.  I would like to enjoy it all day long, not just until noon when I feel like passing out.  I'm sure that will be thrilling for my kids.  Hey kids eat your breakfast quick cuz mommy only has three hours before she can't see straight and has to lie down.

Why is this so awful to me?  You would think eating as many vegetables and drinking as much water as I have would kick start a body into high efficiency.  Nope.  I have to pee more, but that's about it so far.

I guess I had high hopes.  Unrealistically high hopes.  Now that I realize it isn't changing me into some super active, healthy gal I'm disappointed.  Maybe? 

OK, confession time.  I ate a cookie the other day.  ONE cookie.  Did that really mess me up?  I don't think so.  It was yummy too.  The universe is lucky I didn't inhale the earth and eat everything in site.  One cookie.  Can you believe that?  Six days.  Over 600 ounces of water.  Vegetables.  Fruit.  Oatmeal.  Ugh. 

Sidenote:  Why do we spell ugh u-g-h instead of u-h-g?  Whatever.

Slow and steady, one step above unmoving and asleep.

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