Friday, November 09, 2007

Out of the Crib and into the Fire (Engine)

How do you get a two year old to sleep in a regular bed? We have not yet moved Peanut to a toddler or twin bed. He's still in a crib. We would like to move him out of it so that Bean (the new kids name) can get the crib. The trouble is that only 10% of the time we put Peanut to bed, he has no trouble. He lays down and is asleep pretty quick. No crying, no nothing. I'd say 50% of the time we put him in bed he cries less than a minute and then gives up and goes to sleep. The other 40% he cries for a while. So. If these statistics hold true for a big bed, he'll go to sleep just fine 10% of the time. I think the other 90% of the time I may kill myself.

A month or so back we were at the Lake and it was time for nap. I put Peanut in the Pack and Prison and left the room. He was unhappy and screaming/crying. I figured he would have to just cry it out. Instead as I walked down the hall the cries got louder. The little punk figured out how to climb out. There was no putting him in it again. So I tried to get him to sleep on the big bed. I couldn't get him to lay down. I'd plunk him down and he was immediately out the door. Since it was Sunday we just left for home and he slept in the car. Otherwise he would have had no nap.

My fear is that we'll do this for every sleep time. I don't want to. Should we just buy another crib and leave Peanut in his until he's say, 12? Or will it not be as bad as I think?

We have a little fire engine toddler bed, but it needs some work. Since I've been sick I haven't had time to fix it up. I think husband wishes we would have just bought a new one, but he's willing to try. I wonder if this fun bed would be more incentive for him to stay in it?


Karaoke Diva said...

Keep working at it. He'll get used to it eventually. Kids don't like change. But everything I've read says it's better to move him now than closer to the baby's arrival so he doesn't associate the move with the baby.

As far as his escaping, do you have a baby gate you can put in his bedroom doorway so he at least has to stay in his room? That's what we did with Gavin.

Kevin said...

I would close the door. He might not fall asleep in his bed but he'll fall asleep somewhere. One day he'll learn that the bed is more comfortable than the floor.