Tuesday, May 30, 2006

2,928,738,001 Baby Names

Hello. My name is Mutt. Not really of course, but in the name of anonymity it will suffice. My grandfather gave me the name Mutt. I don't know how or why or what it means, but each of my sisters and I got a name. Mine was Mutt. Both my grandparents have passed away, but I still remember everything about them. We lived very close to them so I was at their house a lot. In my minds eye I can see the brick house and all the flowers planted around the circle drive. Once inside you went around the brick fireplace and it would hit you. The warmth. I don't just mean the temperature, but the warm, cozy, loving feeling their house had. I don't think they had air conditioning either and since Grandma fried everything their house was hot. Once you turned that corner you hit the carpet and then the soft, fuzzy rug. Grandpa would be in his chair. Depending on the time of day he either had a cigar or glass of wine in his hand. He'd always say "Hi Mutt-A-Roo" and you'd reply with a hi and give him a kiss. My grandparents were great and I loved them so much. I regret not soaking up every bit of knowledge they had. I'm sorry they could not be physically at my wedding or see my son, but in my heart I think a part of them has and will be with me all the time. Grandma & Grandpa, I love you.


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